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Srilankan recipes, Monday theme Bowl 13

A dish of rice, dhal curry or as we Srilankans love to call it”Parippu”, spicy, tempered carrots, Soya curry and a Cilantro, Cucumber in Yoghurt salad are todays dishes on our Thirteenth Monday Bowl.

Scroll down to Recipe time should you wish to avoid thoughts and life in general by Mama to the terrible four or you can read on..

Happy holidays and Season’s greeting to you!!

We’ll be hitting 2016 in a few days, why don’t you and I brainstorm about new year resolutions and goals for the coming year?

Think of it as an”all about me”project but first, let me ask you if you’re already tired of”lose your weight this year”reads popping up on your feed?

Obviously, whoever writes them, has no idea of the hypnotizing effect of Pizzas, cakes, the cheezy mac n cheese and the temptation of a table food of party goodies?

While you may have it on your own”to do list for the year 2016″, here’s something to think about on the sudden frenzy to lose weight.

1.There’s always a few who’ll think you’ve gained weight than last year and if you’ve actually managed to lose weight, there’s someone who’ll point out it’s a drastic shedding of pounds and doesn’t suit you, it seems to be the perfect conversation starter and filler for awkward pauses between small talk.

The truth is no one’s happy about their extra pounds(even when they don’t have any, they’ll still want to shed in grams).

2.If you still want to lose a few extra pounds, make it a year-long life style change in altering eating habits, take the”losing weight” out of your vocabulary and replace it by”healthy eating habits”, I think you’ll last longer.

3.There’s a balance to be maintained, don’t go on a binge of healthy foods, stop obsessing and stepping on the scale every morning, obviously you’ll be lighter in the morning minus the breakfast. Again, if you’re still serious of lasting the year, start with a thirty-day healthy breakfast and gradually move on to other meals of the day but once in a while, have a fat inducing snack and then sweat you pants off by working out. you’ll want that incentive once in a while.

4. Stop buying over the top pricey running shoes, I’m sure you can find the one you bought last year collecting dust, behind all the sports wear you bought at the same time.

Now let’s get to some serious, my favorite type of new year goals, I’m writing about the thing you keep putting off because you don’t have the time, make 2016 the year to do it my friend.

Stop thinking about the time you can’t afford, failing even before you start and for the love of beans!!, stop talking about it with every one who’ll listen to you(especially your mom)and get doing. Everyone tires of hearing you go on and on about the dream you have of starting something of your own, me, I talked my mom’s ear off, she may have thought her eldest a bit crazy at the time.

Maybe it takes a bit of crazy to be creative because It took me two years and three attempts of having my own anonymous blogs to finally create this space, there was and still is a learning curve that makes me want to throw the computer against a wall, especially when I can’t figure out how css and seo works. But then I think,

1.This is my space, my sanctuary, something to call my own(note the me’s, rarely do we mom’s have the luxury to think in terms of me’s), It’s a place to think food and just write.

2. Is it too early to think of empty nests?

3.Gives me goose bumps that some day when I’m gone, my great-great- great grand kids will read and get to know me(provided someone keeps paying the hosting network to keep it up and running).

4.The need to make this blog a success, it’s a struggle to find time, this blog eats into my reading, relaxing and chill out time, some may call it an obsession, I call it chasing dreams.

It’s your turn now, what’s your dream?

There’s absolutely nothing stopping but you and your fears of failure and this is what I wanted to write, no one is going to help you fulfill your dream but you, they’ll love you, they’ll push and encourage you with words, the husband, the mom even the kids(sort of)but taking that leap of doing  is up to you.

Take a deep breath, sit down and write everything that come to your mind when you think about achieving something, no don’t smile and think it’s silly, you’re staring and reading the proof of what I wrote down on a piece of paper.

Should you at any point like to discuss about your goals, send me an email, I’m no expert but I’ll help you anyway I can because your dreams, not you, needs a chance to see if it succeed or not.

Happy holidays and a blessed 2016, do something different, chase your dreams, pray more, smile more, help more, be unique and stay true to yourself. xoxo

A dish of rice, dhal curry or as we Srilankans love to call it-Parippu-, spicy, tempered carrots, Soya curry and a Cilantro, Cucumber in Yoghurt salad are todays dishes on our Thirteenth Monday Bowl.-2

Recipe time

In case you’re wondering about why the once a week post, It’s a no brainer that the kids are at home but also it’s generally the time where as a blogger I can take a break, apparently people don’t google for recipes much so I’m going on a snail’s pace until all the madness that goes with trying to post twice or thrice a week and sharing, sharing and more sharing begins.(probabyly by next week)

Today’s meal combination is Rice, dhal, tempered carrots, Cilantro, Cucumber in yoghurt and a Soya Curry.

Follow instructions here to make the rice.

rice, cucumber, springonion salad, potatoes cooked in coconut milk with a spicy omelette and stir fried mushrooms on the blog


The Dhal curry can be cooked using the following instructions here.



Tempered Carrots can be cooked using the same method of any other vegetable curries mentioned here without including the coconut milk but leaving it to cook a slightly longer time on a reduced fire.

The instructions to cook the Soya curry is not yet archived but please feel free to replace it by your own favorite meat item. like the one’s here. Click on the image for the recipe.


A crispy pepper beef curry with blended spices to give the right amoount of spice -         A Srilankan fish curry cooked in a rich, thick gravy made from Coconut milk infused with Tamarind juice. the spices balances the natural flavors, making it perfect for lunch with Rice or a light dinner with bread.-          A crispy pepper beef curry with blended spices to give the right amoount of spice




Until next time, happy Mondays and stay safe.










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Brian Lageose

Monday 28th of December 2015

Hey, Jehan! Another thoughtful, honest, lovely piece. I'm a bit behind on your posts, what with all the crazy running around during the holidays, but on the flip side, I now have several posts to look forward to that I know I will enjoy. Happy New Year!


Monday 28th of December 2015

I know, I know brian, same here. I can't seem to find the writer's challenge post of yours. So want to read it, do you have an email copy to read at leisure?

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.