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Srilankan recipes, Monday theme Bowl-12

Monday theme No.12 with links to recipes showing you the steps to make a home-cooked meal the Srilankan way. Ghee rice, Chicken curry, Stir-fried Kankun,  fried Okra with Onions and spicy, dry Potato curry.

Scroll down to Recipe time should you wish to avoid thoughts and life in general by Mama to the terrible four or you can read on..

Peacocks, Roosters and hair.

last week, I had these words popping into my head constantly, It took me a few days to figure out the why’s.

I’m sure the kids will go through their own fashion phases but until then, once in a while I have to say, “nope, too much skin, go look in the mirror and change if you want to join us”, at least until they tell me to mind my own business. but to make sense of what brought up those three words up there, let’s move from trending fashions, woman, hair and then proceed to peacocks and roosters.

Trending fashions, it colors of the season, jeans that change from boot leg, skinny to whatever style is and will be next year, accessories, man bag to man buns.

I get it.

ladies, we have all the right to try whatever makes us look good, that’s the prerogative of being a woman, color that  hair, straighten, curl, get on and try what you think makes you look absolutely gorgeous, I’m right there with you.

My subject matter also brings back memories of that one time when the lady who was coloring my hair, touched it reverently and said,”Virgin hair”. Imagine that, after four kids and almost ten years of marriage under me, I still had something virginal to offer. That moment was too funny, unfortunately, there weren’t any like-minded person to share it with, but if you’re curious to know what was running on my mind, think everything with the opposite word of clean.

But the hair I’m writing comes from the opposite gender of a certain age group, my eyes kept zeroing on them, there were too many, it didn’t help when he(14)joined in, pointing all the other types of hair disasters, simply using one product, HAIR GEL( I’m not sure he(14) realizes that he’s already a natural disaster with uncut hair and will be doing the same in a few years, I’m hoping by that time, the use of hair gel will be so out of style).

Tell me, because I don’t understand why some smother their hair with so much goo, all in hope for that, just out of the shower wet look or that spike look(as the boys like to call it). It can’t be good to have so much of that icky stuff daily on hair right?

The first time, I noticed the excessive use of this product was when it had created a masterpiece that stood up straight beyond three to four inches off the head, no wind could bend or sway it and it wasn’t a Mohawk, definitely looked like a Rooster’s comb. A human male Rooster comb.

Then, there was the fringes, again not on ladies, there were too many to describe but the common theme was, you guessed it, Hair gel, wait, I just remembered I saw stars, don’t ask me to explain, all I saw were patches of stars on a male scalp. So with all that gel-induced styles can I be wrong in guessing it was partly for the benefit of the opposite gender?

Don’t you go telling me the time they spend in front of the mirror styling the hair is to get a certain look is all about grooming, I just won’t believe it. There’s too much attention to detail going on.

This brings me to the part of Roosters and Peacocks, there is a reason for the male species of these birds to have attributes worth strutting about and that is to catch the eye of the females. Can you see the invisible dots connecting these three words?


Simply put the Roosters have their comb, Peacocks have their colorful feathers and the human male species have their hair with the help of hair gel to help them do the prancing about.

(Now if you’re a male and feel a tinge offended, I want you to take a step back and think of all the times where you’ve passed jokes, hints and laughed out loud about the attributes of the ladies and their need for attention when you see them at their best and take this post as it was meant, an attempt on humor and observation).

Ladies, this one’s for you.

Recipe Time.

Going on the twelfth Monday theme Bowl, The goal of this theme is to create a visual menu plan for every day of the week, taking away the guessing out of,”what’s for lunch?”

Let’s begin,

Plate up a dish with rice, follow the recipe for Srilankan yellow rice here.

20150326_122419 (1)

Todays meat dish is a chicken curry with a reduced and thick Coconut gravy, follow the recipe here.

Spicy dry Potato curry is next, find recipe here.


kankun cooked on low fire with a bit of Oil brings in the greens next to a Stir-fried Okra with Onions(not on the recipe archived yet).

Easy Kangkung in Garlic and Soya sauce

And that’s this week’s Srilankan themed Monday Bowl.Until next time, stay safe, be happy and have a blessed week.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.