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It’s a Neighborhood thing…..


Happy vesak or Preethi Vesak !

To all Sri lankans celebrating Vesak today,

Twinkling lights on trees and homes, flags along the road, lanterns that gently sway to the breeze, it’s a night of a million tiny lights shining. 

 Living in a neighborhood where every house is decorated with colorful lanterns and lights, My second son, Nadeem wanted to have some put up at our house too.

I said o.k, I wanted to buy but Nooo.., He wanted to make one,

So off we went, in the middle of the night to find lanterns. Parking at the roadside to buy some lanterns is not the easiest to do at this time of the year.With a little bit of negotiation we managed to buy the frame for a lantern and some bucket lanterns,


So this is our stash, I know it’s not much but I have a feeling this would increase by next year.

Noticed the frame? it’s made out of plastic, the boys had fun figuring out how to build it. A puzzle that kept them off me and trouble for a few hours.


 My boy learnt a few things today worth mentioning here,

1. He learnt that, flour mixed with hot water makes great glue. 

2. No matter how quickly you want to finish, patience pays.

3. A tiny drop of sweat can ruin the whole thing and you’ll need to do it again.

4. Mama will buy you the stuff, she’ll even guide you how to do it but she’s not going to do it for you.

5. Finish what you started.

umm…he’s minus a t-shirt, usually that’s how they( boys) are here,it’s the tropics, it’s hot and humid, indoors too.


It’s not the most perfect one compared to others on our lane but it was made with “I’m gonna get it done today, somehow even if my butt turns into mush” attitude.

And then night fell, it was time to put up the lanterns, as you can see, Raaya is ready to hang her bucket lantern.

Do I have to even mention what’s happening in the background?

That’s Nadeem ruining a perfectly lovely picture by being himself, the monkey.

He has no idea that I’m posting it here, maybe next time he’ll behave or maybe, he’ll pick his nose and let me take a picture of him and post it here.

Good vibes all around, love the sight of them working together…

Aaw..these two have their moments. 

all done……..Now,

“Mama we are tired can we go have ice cream?!”


Absolutely unforgivable. Didn’t I mention anything about our annual ice cream Dansala ?,

well it so happens that we have one every year with all the neighbors involved.

On Vesak day our lane is blocked by a table full of ice cream tubs, ice cream scoops and a line of people working elbow to elbow serving ice cream to everyone crossing our path, who doesn’t like a cone for free? and the star players of this event are the bunch of kids on our lane, ( including my terrible four).

They are the ones who handover the ice creams while each one of us keep an eye on them because of the narrow road with vehicles moving both ways.

The images are a bit blurry I was using my camera phone,

I NEED A DSLR CAM HUSBAND! ,you hearing me?

Anyway, just look at that crowd, it was utter chaos, hot and humid but satisfying.

Harmony among people and fun. 

Give me some of that! 

Give me some of that!


Ice cream!

Yeah, ice cream(mother goose club song)

It’s the night my terrors got to eat ice cream nonstop,

last count, Raaya 3, Nadeem 8, Durrah 4, Waleed 5, Me 3.


It’s time to have a hoopla ..


Time to feed more ice cream..

 And more..


If not for the rain, I think the serving would have continued late in to the night.

It was quiet, the kids were in bed, while dozing off and feeling happy, I realized that this is the neighborhood, I want to live for the rest of my life and see my kids grow up to be adults.

These are my neighbors, it’s not possible to be strangers with the person living next door.

 Neighbors are given to us on the same basis as we are given our families. There is no element of choice involved – none at all.”
― Alexander McCall Smith, The World According to Bertie


Now it’s your time to contemplate this.

Irrelevant of what background or religion you come from we don’t get to choose who lives next door.

If we are really lucky we’ll get good friends living beside us, if we are not, well, it’s live and let live.

Being a good neighbor doesn’t take a lot of effort but a few words, a smile and pitching in when the need arises.

I think that’s something all of us can do.

Until next time,

Smile and be happy





















































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